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Markets and Applications

Workers using air tools need freedom of movement. The Turanair System enables our customers to concentrate on what they do best; without the concern of managing the hose or staying within reach of the compressor.  Our 25+ years of experience in High Pressure Air comes thru across our product offering, delivering performance to our key market segments.  We engineer ingenuity into our products to help you maximize productivity, reduce operating costs and improve worker health and safety.


Markets Served



Explosive Atmosphere

Rescue / Safety

Productivity is key in construction. Turanair Systems gives you mobility, which lets you do more work with less setup.  By eliminating batteries and fuel you enjoy lower operating cost. 

Whether doing fieldwork like pruning, or working on structures like fences, air hoses and electricity can be hard to find.  Komptec provides portable pneumatic power with clean, dry air.

Grain elevators and mines are examples where you cannot afford a spark.  Turanair is a purely pneumatic system that uses no motors or batteries. Take the power and torque of air tools wherever you face explosive atmospheres.

Pneumatic power gives first-responders many tools; for cutting as shown above, or for lift bags. Turanair Systems simplify the deployment of such tools, reducing hoses and external regulators, speeding the time of deployment.