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Komptec's compressors have German roots extending back almost 40 years. Our proven design is available with capacities of 70 and 90 liters / minute, and provides compressed air at either 3000 PSI or at 4500 PSI. The unique Combifilter dries and purifies the compressed air to protect downstream components from contamination.

The three stage compressor block is the heart of the Komptec compressor. Komptec’s compressors are designed for portable usage with a compact design. Reliability and maintainability are designed into the compressor block. The first stage has an Aluminum piston and cylinder; the second stage a steel piston with an aluminum cylinder, and the third stage a steel piston and steel liner within the aluminum cylinder. The crank utilizes ball bearings, and the connecting rod utilizes roller bearings.

The three stage block design has a low cost of operation. Oil changes are every 500 hours, or annually. Filter service life if long, 10 hours of operation at 90 LPM at 30C. These compare favorably to the competition, especially against some 4-stage designs in the market.

KT-70SE. The KT-70SE Sportsman Edition is a 70 liter per minute [2.5 CFM] compressor providing 4500 PSI. It has a 2 HP electric motor operating off of 230V. Units have a fill valve with bleed and a quick disconnect fill hose. Auto-shut off is an available option. The KT-70SE is ideal for use by airgunners looking to fill their tanks, or optionally can be configured for use for divers with a DIN connection.

KT-90E. The KT-90E is a 90 liter per minute [3.2 CFM] compressor providing either 3000 PSI or 4500 PSI, configured primarily for divers. It has a 3 HP 230V Single Phase motor.

The "E" series ideal for SCUBA divers, and is available as a base model with the safety valve, pressure gauge and DIN connection on the air hose, or in two optional configurations:
  • Configuration 1. Adds a fill/bleed valve to the end of the fill hose, moves Safety Valve to Compressor Frame. Adds Minimum Pressure Valve.
  • Configuration 2. Adds an Auto Shut-Off and Hour Counter to the features on Configuration 1.

KT-90A. We also offer a KT-90A which is ideal for filling carbon fiber cylinders used by airgunners, or used with the Turanair system. The KT-90A features auto shut-off and a filling block with a quick connect (with anti-whip) on the filling hose. Filters. All Komptec compressors employ a Combifilter to clean and dry the compressed air. The Combifilter can be specified for breathing air to DIN EN12021, or the Construction Filter can be specified for air gunners or air tool / air gun applications. Filter service life will be longer when specified with the construction filter, given the compressor will not be used for breathing air.

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